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WellnessSeries Shroom Stack

Wellness Series


Adaptogen Wellness Formula

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  • Promotes Innate and Adaptive Immunity
  • Supports Cognitive Function and Mood
  • Protect Liver Cells and Enzymes

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Medicinal mushrooms are a culinary delicacy in various cultures, but they remain a nutritional oversight in the modern Western diet (likely due to their cost). Needless to say, there’s considerable untapped potential if you don’t regularly consume them. This is why we formulated Transparent Labs Mushroom Stack with organic reishi, lion’s mane, and Cordyceps sinensis — three of the most promising medicinal mushrooms on the planet. 


The mushrooms in TL Mushroom Stack are packed with bioactive constituents that promote overall health and longevity through diverse mechanisms across multiple body systems, especially the immune, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems. These prized fungal species have an immense and ever-growing body of clinical evidence behind them, reinforcing their use as traditional medicines throughout human history.


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