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StrengthSeries GROWTH
StrengthSeries GROWTH
StrengthSeries GROWTH
StrengthSeries GROWTH

Key Benefits

Amplify muscle growth and boost athletic performance

Phosphatidic acid is a unique lipid mediator that can help increase strength and improve body composition as part of a diligent exercise regimen and proper diet.

Formulated with patented Mediator® phosphatidic acid

Mediator® is standardized to 50% phosphatidic acid to ensure high quality and consistency (which can be hit or miss with generic formulations)

Provides the clinically studied dose (750 mg) of soy-derived phosphatidic acid in every serving

Phosphatidic acid, like other lipid mediators, is an integral cell constituent and signaling molecule throughout the body that has been shown to promote muscle hypertrophy.

Can be used for bulking, cutting, and body recomposition

Phosphatidic acid is a dynamic muscle-augmenting nutrient that can enhance body composition during different training and diet phases.