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BULK Retro Candy by Paul Sklar
BULK Retro Candy by Paul Sklar
BULK Retro Candy by Paul Sklar

Key Benefits

Targeted micronutrient to support anabolic hormone production

With ample doses of testosterone-boosting vitamins and minerals, BULK provides lasting nutritional support for muscle growth and recovery.

Delivers key nootropics to promote mental acuity, drive, and energy

BULK helps you get dialed in for every workout with ingredients like AlphaSize® alpha-GPC, Infinergy™ sustained-release caffeine, and taurine.

Enhances strength, stamina, and muscle pumps during training

Each scoop of BULK provides an entourage of nitric oxide boosters and ergogenic aids to fortify athletic performance and engorge muscle tissue.

Designed for athletes and gym-goers looking to pack on lean muscle mass

BULK is formulated for those with one goal in mind: Build more muscle.