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Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack

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Supplements are quickly becoming a pivotal part of a well-structured bodybuilding regimen, and justly so.

If you estimate the amount of bioactive nutrients left in today’s foods, after all of the processing, you’re left with far less than what your body needs on a daily basis.

Supplements are great for providing you with these key nutrients, in an undenatured, concentrated form that allows you to focus on your nutrition, training, and sleep.

For those looking to “bulk”, increase lean muscle mass, stamina, and overall physical and mental strength, this muscle-building stack is perfect for you. 

With our Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack, you get the benefits of all the best supplements for building muscle mass:

PreSeries BULK

The most exceptional “bulking” pre-workout supplement available, PreSeries BULK contains 100% formula transparency, a potent Testosterone Support Complex, and 20 science-based ingredients designed to support lean muscle mass. With 6 grams of Citrulline Malate, 4 grams of Beta-Alanine, and 4 grams of BCAAs, PreSeries BULK helps to improve strength, aerobic performance, and muscle endurance.

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ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed

Made from naturally fed, hormone-free cow’s whey, 100% Grass-Fed is clean of artificial sweeteners, food dyes, gluten, and preservatives. Sourced from American Cows, 100% Grass-Fed Whey contains one of the industry’s highest protein-by-weight ratios at 88% (28 grams of protein per 32-gram scoop).

Click here to read more about ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate. 

StrengthSeries Creapure HMB

When combined, creatine monohydrate and HMB have been shown to enhance strength, increase endurance, decrease fat mass, and prevent lean muscle loss. Our Creapure HMB contains 5 grams of Creapure, 2 grams of HMB, and 5 milligrams of Bioperine, for added bioavailability and absorption.

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CoreSeries Krill Oil

High in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and Astaxanthin, CoreSeries Krill Oil has been researched to be up to 48x more effective than standard fish oil. With superior EPA and DHA levels, CoreSeries Krill Oil is easy to digest (no reflux or aftertaste), and helps to support brain, heart, and joint health.

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