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WellnessSeries Probiotic Advanced Gut Health Formula
WellnessSeries Probiotic Advanced Gut Health Formula

Key Benefits

Transparent Labs Gut Health delivers 100 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of ten evidence-based probiotic strains in every serving

Nourish your gut microbiome with friendly microbes that support virtually all aspects of health and wellness.

Enhance nutrient breakdown and digestion, including tough-to-digest nutrients like lactose

The probiotics in Gut Health produce enzymes that improve nutrient assimilation and target symptoms of indigestion.

Promote immune function, healthy body composition, cognitive performance, and more

The gut microbiome is essential for immune response, bodyweight regulation, neurotransmitter production, and numerous other vital physiological processes.

Stack with Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens for synergistic gut-health benefits

The prebiotics in Prebiotic Greens help fuel the growth and proliferation of beneficial gut microbes, making it the perfect adjunct to Gut Health.