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3 Month PreSeries BULK & LEAN Stack

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Product Overview

Building a perfect physique doesn't come easy. For most of us, it entails a series of bulking and cutting cycles. This stack was designed with physique builders in mind - to help tailor and perfect ones pre-workout nutrition to be optimized during a bulking phase followed by a cutting phase. 

PreSeries BULK was developed for those looking to gain muscle mass. Although LEAN and BULK both contain ZERO carbs, fats, or proteins, they have different nutritional aspects for different fitness goals.

BULK contains a powerful Testosterone Support complex (vitamin D3, boron, and zinc) as well as fully maxed out core ingredients (citrulline, beta-alanine, BCAAs, etc). This will ensure maximum muscle growth, strength gains, and recovery before and after your workouts.

PreSeries LEAN was designed for those in a calorie deficit. With an added fat burning and thyroid support complex, LEAN is ideal for maximizing workouts, preserving muscle mass while fasting or dieting, and accelerating recovery.

Both BULK and LEAN are formulated to match clinically tested levels of performance enhancing ingredients. As with all Transparent Labs products, you will never find artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colored dyes. 

3-Month Cycle Benefits

The 3-month PreSeries BULK and LEAN stack is the designed to provide 12-weeks of performance enhanced workouts. Optimize your diet and physique gains by alternating between bulking and cutting. 

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