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Trasparent Labs Nootropic capsule supplement in a white bottle, 30 servings

Mind Series


Cognitive Health Brain Function

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Experience an unparalleled increase in mental acuity, cognitive function, focus, and motivation starting from the very first dose.

  • Improve Focus & Concentration
  • Boost Memory & Focus
  • Promote Alertness

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Transparent Labs Nootropic Capsules are the ultimate mental performance-enhancing supplement. We meticulously formulated this nootropic supplement with proven ingredients such as Cognizin®, SerinAid®, and NeuroFactor™ that work synergistically to fortify your mental performance, support healthy mood, and enhance resilience to stress. Harness the power of your brain firing on all cylinders each and every day.


TL Nootropic Capsules feature just the right amount of caffeine so you don’t feel overstimulated or jittery.


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