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Wellness Stack

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All the wellness essentials you love in one convenient stack, discounted 17% lower than picking each item individually.

The purpose of the wellness stack is to decrease inflammation and improve digestion. By doing so, one can more effectively burn fat, recover, and feel mentally energized throughout the day.

In the wellness stack you receive:

Organic Vegan Protein – 30 servings

Organic Vegan is our premier USDA certified organic plant-based protein powder. Being plant based, Organic Vegan is ideal for low inflammatory diets. Each serving contains 24 grams of protein to significantly improve daily macros.

Prebiotic Greens – 30 servings

Prebiotic Greens is similar to green powders, only better. Using nutrient dense aquatic greens alongside multiple fibers, Prebiotic Greens works to restore the symphony and balance in your intestinal flora.

Turmeric – 90 servings

Turmeric is used extensively in ayurvedic medicine and recognized nationally for its anti-inflammatory properties. Transparent Labs Turmeric is purified to contain 95% curcuminoids, the active component, for maximum effect in fewer pills.

MAG Magnesium Bisglycinate – 30 servings

Magnesium is one of the most prevalent mineral deficiencies worldwide, and nearly unavoidable in athletes. A big problem with magnesium supplements however, is that they often use undigestible forms. Transparent Labs MAG utilizes magnesium bisglycinate, one of the most bio-available forms there is, so you can get what you pay for.

Krill Oil – 30 servings

With increased purity and the super anti-oxidant astaxanthin, krill oil is like fish oil, only way better. The same omega fatty acids in fish oil can be found in krill, only krill package them in tiny phospholipids that maximize delivery and effect. The result, two tiny liquid gels a day is all you need.