The Truth About GMP Certifications for Supplements

At Transparent Labs, we get asked all the time, “Why does Transparent Labs not display GMP/cGMP seals on products or website?”

The answer is quite simple – the FDA does not issue GMP certifications or seals and displaying one is illegal.

All manufacturing facilities are required to follow GMP regulations (which cover categories such as sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, purity testing, record keeping, product complaints, etc.) Failure to adhere to established regulations can result in product recalls, inventory seizure, substantial fines, and even jail time.

Why do some companies display GMP seals?

Using the FDA or GMP logo and claiming it as a seal or certificate is illegal. The FDA does not approve or certify manufacturing facilities or products. It is up to the manufacturer to ensure that GMP regulations and standards are followed. There is no approval process, only punishments if NOT followed. 

Workarounds / What is NSF GMP and NPA GMP-Certification?

These are legitimate, yet often deceiving ways of showing compliance to GMP regulations. NSF and NPA are private organization, completely distinct and separate from the FDA. For a fee, they will conduct a plant audit, based on the standards as set forward by the FDA for GMP. These are for profit companies, providing a certification used for marketing (and industry regulating) purposes.

NSF GMP and NPA GMP-certifications should not be used to distinguish GMP compliant companies from non-compliant companies.

GMP and Transparent Labs

All Transparent Lab products are manufactured in facilities compliant with FDA GMP standards.

The facility that manufactures Transparent Labs has UDAF GMP certification.

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