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Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack

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The Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack is modeled after the standard Fat Burning Essentials Stack, but with Fat Burner swapped for its Fat Burner STIM-FREE, and LEAN swapped for PreSeries STIM-FREE. The purpose of this stack is to give you the supplements you need to increase weight loss and improve exercise performance without caffeine.

In the Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack you’ll receive:


PreSeries STIM-FREE is designed to take your workouts further, with clinically dosed ingredients proven to improve workout performance. That means more calories burnt for you, while stimulating attractive lean muscle tone and growth.

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Fat Burner STIM-FREE

Fat Burner STIM-FREE contains our most trusted and respected non-stimulant fat burning ingredients. Alongside a well-balanced diet and training protocol, STIM-FREE is designed to increase thermogenesis and reduce food cravings so you can stay on your game.

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100% Grass-Fed Whey Isolate

The weight loss process demands a lot from your body, which can result in lost muscle if your diet is not sufficient. Our 100% Grass-Fed Whey Isolate, as the name implies, offers the highest quality whey protein powder to keep your macros in favor of fat loss as apposed to muscle and strength loss. By the way, this protein powder is delicious.

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RawSeries Krill Oil

Krill Oil contains omega fatty acids packaged in special phospholipids, making it incredibly easy to absorb. With the added benefit of the super anti-oxidant astaxanthin, we don’t see any reason why you would ever take fish oil again. RawSeries Krill Oil is included in the Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack to nourish your joints and brain while you push them to the max.

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When you purchase the Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack you are saving $17 compared to purchasing each item individually. This stack also qualifies for free US ground shipping.

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