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The Cleanest Natural Protein, Ever.

Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate gives you the fuel you need for muscle growth and recovery, without any of the artificial additives that can harm your overall health.

Grass-Fed Whey Sourced in the USA

No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

Ingredient Labels

3rd-Party Lab Tested
For Purity & Potency

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Person opening a container of grass-fed whey protein with a shaker bottle nearby.



4,500+ 5-Star Reviews

100% Grass-Fed Whey
Protein Isolate

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•    28 grams of protein per serving
•    Sourced from grass-fed American dairy
•    No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or dyes

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4,500+ 5-Star Reviews

Natural Ingredients,
Transparent Labels.

Person in a gym outfit holding a tub of whey protein and a shaker bottle.

Natural Ingredients,
Transparent Labels.

28g Grass-Fed Protein

Pure Whey Protein Isolate sourced from grass-fed American cows

No Artificial Ingredients

No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or colors. Made with only 4-6 natural ingredients.

Transparent formulas

Transparently labelled ingredients, verified by 3rd-party lab tests.

The Real Scoop

Transparent Labs Protein vs. The Others

Paul Sklar - Transparent Labs Athlete

“This is the key to building muscle after 40.”

I’m 52 years old, a father of 5, a former professional athlete, and personal trainer for 25 years - and the one thing that I’ve found to be most important when training at this age is maintaining a high protein intake.

I care a lot about everything that goes into my body, and Transparent Labs is by far the cleanest protein out there.

I usually take 3 scoops a day - one and a half scoops in my breakfast shake, and another one and a half scoops in my post-workout shake.

Your Questions,

What’s in your “Natural Flavors”?

The natural flavors used in our products are derived from natural sources such as plants, fruits, or spices. For example, the organic compound isobutyl acetate is found in raspberries, pears, and pineapples and is used to impart natural fruity flavors.

Food labeling practices require the term "natural flavor" to be used instead of the specific constituents that comprise the flavoring. We prioritize using natural flavors to provide a clean and enjoyable taste experience for our customers.

If you're looking for a whey protein isolate with no natural flavors, try our Unflavored option!