Transparent Labs Guide to Lean

Meal and Fitness Plan Tactics Based around the Premium Pre Workout LEAN 

With proper diet and exercise, LEAN is designed to help you burn more calories all-the-while supporting your lean muscle and physique tone.

That in its own right is a significant aid for reducing your body fat percentage. But to go further, we are going to touch on the keys to a successful, full spectrum diet.

See, there are 3 main ways to burn more fat:

  • Work it off in the gym (cardio)
  • Eat at a caloric deficit
  • Raise your BMR (more muscle, better sleep, plenty of water, thermogenics, thyroid)

PreSeries Lean was designed to increase your BMR, all the while promoting an enhanced workout experience to both burn more calories from more work while in the gym and after (EPOC after burn).

Table of Contents

  • How to Take LEAN
  • How to Train for Caloric Burn
  • How to Eat Right
  • Closing Message from Transparent Labs

How to Take PreSeries LEAN

Taking PreSeries LEAN is single handedly the easiest part of your calorie burning day. Here we’re going to go over every detail to help you get the most out of this world class pre workout.

Consult with your Doctor before Taking LEAN if you have or suspect any medical conditions

Dosing LEAN

To take LEAN all you need is your LEAN, water, and a cup (shaker cup optional). From there, new users should begin taking LEAN with half a serving, while experienced users can take a whole scoop serving.

Water and LEANN

When you take LEAN, a full glass of water is recommended. This has duel benefits, by both increasing the rate of uptake for LEAN, as well as increasing your hydration levels. With proper hydration, you will have more energy and motivation from our 6 grams citrulline malate + L-norvaline combo.

Mixing LEAN

As you mix LEAN, you will notice little to no coloration. This is intentional as we do not use harmful dyes. After you add LEAN to water, you can shake until dispersed, or stir in a standard cup until the powder is dissolved completely. This doesn’t take long.

When using a shaker cup, foaming may occur. This is natural, and due to the BCAAs in LEAN.

A few minutes after taking LEAN, you may feel a tingling sensation on your skin. This is a natural response to the ingredient Beta-Alanine which LEAN contains. Do not be alarmed.

Meal Frequency and LEAN

LEAN has a large but highly specific formula, and is intended to be taken on a relatively empty stomach. We recommend taking LEAN 2+ hours after a large meal, or at least 30 minutes after a power snack.

This will allow for LEAN to absorb properly into your body, without being bogged down by other stomach contents.

Training To Burn Fat

Making the most out of Lean

Building muscle has always been relatively straight forward. For our Guide to BULK, all we really had to say was ‘balance getting the most reps possible with lifting the heaviest weight possible”.

But as you know, for burning fat – it’s a whole different ballpark.

For the exercise portion of your 3 pronged diet, we recommend the following.

Utilize Cardio for Initial Calories Burnt but also lift weights to pay your BMR forward

Remember the phrase, too much of anything is a bad thing? Cardio, we believe, is one of those things not meant to be overdone.

Unless you are incredibly passionate about running, treadmill time should not be the main vehicle of your fat loss journey.

Rather, we should mix it up to increase effectiveness, end-goal aesthetics, and fun!

Why Cardio Is Great

From a fat loss perspective, cardio is a wonderful thing. It’s a simple, repetitive activity that can be performed at any pace and has easily measurable results.

Going further, as you continue practicing your cardio, you quickly advance allowing you to challenge yourself and become a new, cool person that can actually hold their own in endurance activities.

It’s totally something to be proud of.

But, for burning fat and getting into the best shape of your life, cardio can also be limiting.

But Why Cardio Isn’t THAT Great

It is estimated that when you jog, you burn about 400 calories per hour. Say, 5 days a week you jog for 1 hour on each of those days. That’s a sweet 2,000 calories instantaneously eliminated, deleted, vanquished from your diet!

But, while getting thin may be your first goal… Is an endurance runner’s body really the body type that you want?

Most of the time, the answer is no. Because like it or not, we all want to be the best possible version of ourselves.

And that body type that you see in the magazines and movies isn’t from cardio alone, but from lifting weights. Yeah, like the bodybuilders.

Strength Training Increases Your BMR and Promotes an Aesthetic Body   

While you may think that lifting the heavy weights is going to turn you into this hulky, bulky wad of muscle meat…. That’s really not the case.

In fact, getting muscle to grow beyond the first 4 month’s noob gains is actually pretty hard. But, those gains don’t look bad at all. You’d like them on you, man or woman.

For the guys, this means a v-shape body with noticeable arms and shoulders to match.

For the ladies, this means more firm and feminine curves and less under-arm jiggle.

All that turning into she-woman or the hulk overnight talk, that’s just nonsense. Only aiming for that end-goal and giving it everything you’ve got will make that happen (taking PreSeries BULK is a good starting point though).

How Strength Training Raises Your Metabolism for Easier Future dieting

Strength training is a fantastic compliment to cardio for burning fat, and this is due to calories burnt while lifting, calories burnt post lift (EPOC after burn), as well as newly built muscle raising your BMR higher. Let’s cover each of these.

Calories Burnt Strength Training: A typical 30 minute strength training session burns about 90 calories, according to Harvard Medical School. This figure can rise or lower depending on your weight, intensity of exercise, and duration of exercise.

Calories Burnt After Strength Training (EPOC): EPOC is commonly referred to as the ‘after burn effect’, and is the process of your body restocking its oxygen and ATP debt.

Another way to explain it is…

While you work out, the energy reserves that you pull from slowly deplete. After exercise, your body begins to restock, which requires energy to do. That energy translates into calories burnt.

Strength Training BMR Raise: More important than the EPOC after burn is the BMR raise that takes place from both regularly exercising as well as the accumulation of muscle tissue.

See, your whole BMR (basal metabolic rate) is made up of the daily processes to keep your body up and running. Maintaining your muscles is part of this, and, while your muscles are present, they require energy.

While the science isn’t exact, we’ve heard everything from 1 pound of muscle increases BMR by 9 calories, to, regular exercise raises total BMR by 15%.

Either way, it’s an aid to your diet that both looks good and has function in your everyday activities.


Example Fat Burning Workout Plan

5 Day Cardio/Strength Hybrid

Rough Caloric Burn

Monday – LIFT



back raises

abs machine

90 cals

Tuesday – Cardio

30 Minutes Cardio

abs machine

leg raises

30 minutes cardio


400 cals

Wednsday - Rest

Only BMR

Thursday - LIFT

back raises

lateral pull down

lat pulls

flat dumbbell bench press

incline dumbbell bench press

90 cals

Friday - Cardio

30 minutes cardio

abs machine

leg raises

30 minutes cardio


400 cals

Saturday – LIFT

Front Squats

back raises

deltoid machine

bicep curls

triceps pulls

triceps rope

90 cals

Sunday - Rest

Only BMR

This example workout routine focuses on strength training and consists of 3 lifting days, 2 running days, and 2 off days.

It is feasible to add more running to this routine, but not necessary if you are balancing your macros appropriately.

Through this workout routine, exercise brings your caloric burn up about 1,000 calories every week. This is a healthy amount of exercise for a gym routine.

It’s worth noting however, that playing sports like soccer and basketball are highly effective fat burners as well and can be added to, or substituted in this routine.

How To Eat Appropriately – What Are My Macros?

For a 30 year old male trying to lose weight, your macros may fit under one of these categories.

Height 5'8 5'10 6'0
Weight 150 170 200
Protein 120 138 161
Fats 60 68 79
Carbs 244 239 236
Total Cals 1990 2121 2299
BMR 1616 1739 1907
TDEE 2341 2495 2705

For a 30 year old female trying to lose weight, your macros may fit under one of these categories.

Height 5'2 5'5 5'8
Weight 130 145 160
Protein 93 100 112
Fats 45 50 56
Carbs 210 218 228
Total Cals 1616 1739 1862
BMR 1264 1380 1496
TDEE 1901 2046 2191

For both scenerios, we calculated these macros using's free macro calculator. You can use this for a more precise fit.

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate. This is your daily caloric burn without doing anything.

TDEE stands for total daily energy expenditure. This is your BMR + caloric burn through activity. In the above examples, that activity is 4 workouts a week for 45 minutes each.

That’s good to know, numerically… But, what do these numbers actually look like in the currency of food?

What large Macros look like in Terms of Food

Food Protein Fat Carbs
Egg 6 5 0
Chicken Breast 25 7 0
Avocado 3 27 15
Oikos Organic Plain Greek Yogurt 22 0 9
Sweet Potato 2.3 0 23.6
Medium Grain Brown Rice (3/4 cup) 3 1 32
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Maple) 4 3 32
Ground Beef (90% Lean) (3 oz) 22 10 0
Atlantic Wild Salmon (1/2 filet) 39 13 0
Tilapia (farm raised, 4 oz) 22 1 0

The examples above do not meet a complete meal plan. But, they do serve as measurement tools to help you visualize what macros look like.

Something important to note, that confuses people when calculating their macros is the actual content of food.

Here is a popular misconception:

Since chicken is protein, if I eat 50 grams of chicken I am getting 50 grams of protein. This is not true!

Chicken is primarily made up of protein, but you need to also factor in the fat and water within the chicken. As a measurement, protein is dry weight. When you eat chicken, it is heavily hydrated, and thus, contains much smaller actual protein content.

Closing Message from Transparent Labs

While PreSeries Lean on its own is a great starting point for improving your diet plan, the truth is - you will also need to strategize your time in the gym and kitchen to get those really impressive, jaw-dropping results.

So, eat good, plan your training well, and take your PreSeries LEAN before hitting the weights to ensure you go above and beyond finishing what you started.


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