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Curcumin C3

Antioxidant & Joint Support

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  • Relieves Muscle Soreness
  • High Absorption Curcumin
  • Potent Antioxidant

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Curcumin C3® Complex is a clinically studied herbal extract obtained from the dried rhizomes of Cucruma longa (turmeric) and standardized to contain 95% bioactive curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, and demethoxycurcumin — collectively referred to as curcuminoids. Clinical evidence suggests that curcuminoids have ubiquitous roles in the body, affecting vital biological processes such as immune function, detoxification, metabolism, stress response, neuroplasticity, joint integrity, digestion, and much more [1].


When it comes to curcumin supplements and turmeric extract, curcuminoids are generally not well-absorbed orally, resulting in minimal uptake into the bloodstream [2]. This is precisely where our Curcumin C3® Complex capsules shine, as they provide superior absorption and upwards of 200x greater bioavailability than generic curcumin/turmeric extract formulas. We also added BioPerine® black pepper fruit extract to bolster intestinal uptake and reduce liver metabolism of bioactive curcuminoids.


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