Transparent Labs Welcomes Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson & Kelsey Henson


Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, known to some as “The Mountain” from Game Of Thrones,  is the newest member of the Transparent Labs family. While some may think of Game of Thrones when they hear Björnsson’s name, it’s his dominance in the Strongman world that sets him apart.

However, Hafþór did not get his athletic start as a strongman, it was basketball that was his first love. In 2006 he was even a member of the Icelandic National Team and played centre. Due to a recurring ankle injury he was forced to leave the pro-ball career behind.

In 2008, Hafþór had found his new passion, strength training. It didn’t take long for him to work his way to the top and by 2010 he was winning competitions. His most recent win being at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic.

During this year's Arnold, Hafþór earned himself a spot in the top three in four out of six events. He shined in the Elephant Deadlift, pulling an impressive 1,026 pounds (465kg). The 2020 Arnold is Hafþór’s tenth consecutive year in the competition; he came out victorious in 2019 and 2018 as well.

Hafþór has also won the title of World’s Strongest Man and World’s Ultimate Strongman, these along with The Arnold Strongman Classic win has made him the first athlete to earn first place in all three majors competitions.


KELSEY HENSON has joined the Transparent Labs family.

Meet Kelsey Henson.

Kelsey, married to Hafþór Björnsson, has also joined the Transparent Labs family. Kelsey is a notable fitness influencer, originally from Canada,  but is now living in Iceland.

While you may know Kelsey from her fitness account, she began her career in Occupational Health and Safety. Since moving to Iceland, Kelsey is focusing most of her time on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kelsey is currently completing a personal training certificate with the ISSA. Through her training and social media, she hopes to inspire and advise others to also live a healthy lifestyle.

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