30-Minute, Full-Body, No-Equipment Workout (No Gym Needed)

If you can’t get to the gym and lack at-home fitness equipment, fear not. This no-equipment workout offers a grueling sweat-session you can do in your living room.

You don't need an at-home gym filled with benches, dumbbells, and barbells to get a good workout in. Bodyweight exercises — like push-ups, burpees, calisthenics, and bodyweight squats — are plenty effective, even for experienced athletes. 

No-equipment workouts offer a number of logistical and physical benefits. First, no-equipment workouts are convenient — you don't need equipment, an expensive gym membership, or a great deal of space to squeeze a workout in. In addition, bodyweight workouts offer several health benefits. They target multiple muscle groups, challenge your body in new ways, and easily combine both strength and cardio movements into one workout.

Below, we walk you through a no-equipment workout you can do at home. Save this workout so you can refer to it while traveling or when you're unable to hit the gym.

No-Equipment Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Always begin your workout routine with a dynamic warm-up before diving into the “true” workout. If you have questions on any of the below exercises, refer to the how-to descriptions in the next section. 


​Perform each exercise for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Complete this circuit three times to get your blood flowing and loosen up your muscles for the ensuing full-body workout. 

Full-Body Workout 

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between exercises. Complete the circuit three times. You only need a towel (for the hamstring curl) and an elevated surface (for the tricep dips).

Cardio HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Finisher 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds before moving to the next exercise. Complete the circuit twice to spike your heart rate

No-Equipment Exercise Instructions

No equipment workout: Woman doing knee raises at home

The following subsections teach you how to do each exercise mentioned above. Remember to maintain proper form in order to prevent injury. Think of the following cues before every exercise: Roll your shoulders back and down, brace your core, and keep your chest proud.

Pulsing Squat to Hop 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your butt toward the wall behind you. Drop into a parallel squat, keeping your knees pointed out and not allowing them to drift past your toes. Keep your weight in your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes).

Raise up 2-3 centimeters, then drop back down to parallel. Now, explode into a vertical jump. Land softly, and reset. 

Curtsy Lunge 

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Shift your weight onto your right foot, squeezing your right glute to keep your balance. While keeping your hips pointed forward (don't allow your upper body to twist), rotate your left leg behind you. Your left foot should land roughly 15 centimeters past your right foot, with your left leg in a rotated backward lunge. Come back to a standing position, and switch legs. 

Hamstring Curl

For this exercise, lay with your back flat against the floor — the floor needs to be tile, linoleum, or wood (carpet won't work). Bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Place a towel or an old t-shirt underneath your feet. 

Squeeze both glutes, and raise your hips into a bridge position. Keep squeezing your glutes as you extend and straighten both legs while keeping the back of your legs off the floor. When you can't extend any further and your knees have just a slight bend, attempt to bring your heels back toward your butt, returning to a bridge position. 


Begin in a high plank position, with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Squeeze your lats (the muscle underneath your armpits) as you focus on rotating your palms out (your left would rotate counterclockwise and your right would rotate clockwise). 

With your elbows tucked in near your sides and your body in a straight line, drop your chest toward the floor. Keep squeezing your core to prevent your lower back from sagging. When you're hovering just three centimeters off the ground, squeeze your chest and return to your starting position.

Tricep Dip 

Sit in front of an elevated surface, such as your sofa. Your back should touch the sofa but not rest against it.

Place both palms on the top of the sofa cushion with your fingers pointing forward. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep your elbows tucked in. Your knees can be bent (less resistance), or straight with your legs fully extended (more resistance). Using only your upper-body strength, press up so your arms are fully extended and you feel tension in your triceps.

Plank Shoulder Tap 

Start in a high plank position, with your palms directly under your shoulders. Squeeze your core, and raise your right hand off the ground. Do not allow your hips to tilt as you raise your right arm to touch your left shoulder. Return your right hand to the ground, and do the same with your left. 

Broad Jump to Jog Back

Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a slight bend in your knees. Swing your arms back and forth to propel yourself into a forward jump (broad jump). Land softly in a half squat position. Stand upright, then jog backward to your starting position. Reset, then jump again.

Skater Jumps 

This move is fairly similar to the curtsy lunge, except it adds momentum.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your weight to your left foot and squeeze your left glute for stability. Now, jump as far as you can to the right, landing softly on your right foot. Extend your left leg behind your right knee and foot (as you did in the curtsy lunge). Maintain your balance and jump as far as you can to the left, landing softly on the left foot. Add speed by jumping back and forth as quickly as you can with proper form. 

Mountain Climbers 

​Begin in a high plank position with your palms directly beneath your shoulders. Bring your right knee in toward your chest as you squeeze your abs. Your upper body should be doing an inverted crunch. Return your right leg to its starting position, and bring your left leg toward your chest. Add speed to the movement, almost "running" with your knees while keeping your abs braced. 

Perform This 30-Minute No-Equipment Workout Program at Home 

Woman doing yoga at home

This 30-minute workout can be performed anywhere: in your living room, your office breakroom, you name it. With a split between strength-training and cardio, it helps you build muscle in your upper and lower body while burning fat through a HIIT finisher.

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