Adaptogen Wellness Formula



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WellnessSeries Shroom Stack
WellnessSeries Shroom Stack

Key Benefits

Features organic reishi, lion’s mane, and CordycepsPrime™ (Cordyceps sinensis) — three of the most promising medicinal mushrooms on the planet

These select mushroom species are potent immune, gastrointestinal, cognitive, and metabolic modulators with promising longevity benefits.

Made with mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelia extracts rich in micronutrients

The unique constituents in medicinal mushrooms are suggested to play numerous therapeutic roles throughout the body.

Stimulate energy (ATP) production, enhance aerobic performance, and reduce muscle fatigue

Take your workouts and athletic performance to the next level.

Regenerate, rejuvenate, and revitalize the mind and body

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in many Eastern cultures for their ability to promote health and vitality through diverse mechanisms.