The Transparent Labs Story

It’s no secret that the supplement industry is suspect.

With minimal regulation and little oversight, opportunistic companies prey on healthy-minded consumers by peddling low-quality products that are chock-full of un-dosed ingredients, unnecessary fillers, and harmful additives. All backed by pseudo-science and outrageous claims.

The end result is a market overflowing with supplements that sadly do more harm than good. At Transparent Labs, we knew we could do better.

From day one our mission has been to create products that use true science to optimize health and human performance. We only deliver supplements that feature clinically-effective dosages and natural ingredients (with 100% transparent and completely honest labeling). And we always support our claims with research and scientific studies.

Transparent Labs is, and will always be, a trusted source for knowledge and supplements that let people who care about their bodies control their health and well-being.

Evidence-based Formulas Designed For What Counts

Like an elite athlete that focuses on every detail of the process, Transparent Labs approach to manufacturing clinically dosed and scientifically backed products is equally rigorous. Focusing on what matters to make it count.