Kimberly Walford

Kim has been an avid fitness enthusiast ever since she can remember. She has been a lifelong athlete competing in various sports, notably track & field, cross country, and basketball. However, powerlifting has been her focus for the past two decades. Her achievements in this realm have been nothing short of extraordinary, including:

7x IPF Classic Open World Champion (2-63kg, 5-72kg)

Broken 22 IPF Classic Open World records across three weight classes

Broken 9 IPF Classic M1 World Records across two weight classes

Multi-time national champion and national record holder 

Since Kim is a lifelong drug-free athlete competing in drug-tested federations, she is scrupulous about the ingredients in supplements and wants to know precisely what goes into them. Naturally, Transparent Labs was the perfect fit for her.

Kimberly Walford Favorites

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